Band :
Erscheinungsdatum : Juni 30, 2017
Label :
Format : Digital Download


STUPID GOLDFISH, an artist duo born and raised underwater.

Making music in different genres on great labels,

working with- and supported by many awesome and internationally well-known artists and radio stations,

shaped the two performers and ultimately carried them where they are now. A fishbowl with some speakers. Duh.


They have captured an unbreakable love for music and proceeding to make it their own passion.

That’s why they are now surprising the scene with their massively emotional hymn „CANNONBALLS“ as a debut release on their own brand.

Let them take you for a ride on the sound carpet of a catchy production that will instantly magnetize you

and will never let you go. Brilliantly beautiful vocals will carry you through the empowering

and positive lyrics of the song. You can maybe guess that this is a damn good ensemble.

So be warned: Goosebumps may occur. Giants may fall.